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Thank You So Much

The 'Thank You' note is back! 

Here at TYSM (a women owned and operated small business), we believe in making it easy to show your appreciation, for all of the people in your life. 

Regardless of the occasion, each order includes our signature TYSM 'Appreciation Pack'

containing a complimentary Thank You card.

If you're shipping direct to the recipient, it makes it easy for them to let you (the sender), know how much they enjoyed the gift/gesture. If you're ordering for yourself or are hand delivering, you can keep the

Thank You card for your use (bonus)!

Our goal is a simple one; to spread some much needed joy through good old fashioned celebrations

of gratitude and appreciation for others.


How we got here:

We planned, we gathered, we... quarantined?! Now what...?

After many years in the special events industry, we've decided to bring our extensive experience designing and procuring custom SWAG, thank-you and VIP gifting suites directly to you!

We've had fun curating a collection of items that we ACTUALLY use and enjoy into custom celebration/appreciation boxes! We've even included TYSM original items that were designed to inspire, celebrate and to support charities that speak to us!

We hope that during these uncertain and unprecedented times, we can play some small part in making it just a little bit easier for you to say; 'Happy Birthday', 'Thanks', 'Hi, Friend', 'You Got This' or 'I Miss You' to those who you can't see in person right now.

We really ARE all in this together - share the love, gratitude, and appreciation for whoever you're thinking about!

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